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Frequently Asked Questions

Dispute in connection with a Domain name

Please read Settlement of Disputes

Please write us here at:

Please write to:

When you have a complaint about BookMyName, your first port of call should be our Customer Service Team.
You can contact them on 0899 173 788 or web form
You might feel that the response you received didn't resolve your complaint.

If you don't feel they've resolved the issue, take escalated complaint to the Complain Service at the address:

  Complain Service
  Online SAS / BookMyName
  8 rue de la ville l'eveque
  75008 PARIS

When making an escalated complaint, please make sure you include full details of your complaint, including the reasons why you aren't happy with how we've dealt with it so far.

They should include the following information:

. Your name and contacts details and account information if appropriate
. The domain name(s) concerned (if appropriate)
. A clear description of your concern or complaint
. What steps you would like us to take to resolve the issue

We'll acknowledge your complaint within two working days of receiving it.
We'll then look into the issue and aim to respond within 10 working days.
If it requires a longer investigation, we'll get in touch within those 10 working days to let you know when you can expect us to respond.

If we don't hear from you again within 20 days of our response, then we'll consider the matter resolved.
We keep all complaints on file to help us monitor the numbers and types of complaints we receive and, where needed, make changes to our systems and services in response to your feedback.

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