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Frequently Asked Questions

My account

You must fill up the following form:

The identifiers or “usernames” make it possible to access in a secured way the management of your Domain Names: When you want to access your account we ask you to type your identifier or username (also called “login”), then your password. It is for us the proof of your identity. It is therefore necessary to be very vigilant and never communicate these parameters to a third party. The same principle is applied for the identifiers of Administrative, Technical and Invoicing Contacts.

On the home page, top right-hand corner, activate the link “Forgot your pswd ?”, then follow the instructions given online. The access codes (identifier and password) will be sent to you by e-mail at the contact address registered in your file.

Yes. In the same way that you appear in the telephone directory, information on the applicant of a Domain Name is accessible so as to be able to contact you for a technical or legal problem. This is necessary in order to allow a good application of the laws as regards consumer protection, and trade-mark laws. The Domain Name Registrar makes this data public via its database “WHOIS”.

No, you can only hide your e-mail address.

By activating the anti-Spam, your e-mail address will not be published in the public base WHOIS. Instead we will use a different e-mail address and protected from known viruses. You can activate the anti-Spam during the creation of your file or thereafter via the heading “MANAGE”, “Your coordinates”, then “Modify coordinates of a contact”.

Once identified by your account, go to heading “MANAGE”, “YOUR DOMAIN NAMES”, “List of your domain names”.

You must go to our site / and connect to your account (Enter identifier and password, then click “OK”).
Then select the heading “MANAGE”, then in the section “Your coordinates”, choose the option “To modify coordinates of a contact”.

To enter the identifier of the account to be edited and validated,

To make the desired updates
* and click on “Validate” to end. A message confirming a successful update is posted if the modifications are accepted.
* It is impossible to modify the fields relating to the identity of an applicant (Name, first name, company name or organization…)
That enters within the framework of the process of change of applicant (transfer of property): URL:

That should never happen!
Indeed, at the time of submission of the domain name you are committed by approving the registration contract, to keep updated the “WHOIS” data of your domain name.
If nevertheless that happens, and if you no longer have the access codes to your account, then it is necessary to send us a request to update your contact e-mail address:

- If the applicant is an individual, to make a written request by obligatorily attaching a proof of identity (photocopy of both sides of the identity card),

- If the applicant is a legal entity (company, association, other organization…) the request is written on the official headed notepaper of the organization and must bear the name, first name and quality of the signatory,

and in all cases, send us the whole lot by registered letter with proof of delivery to our support team

We will update the address on receipt of the request, subject to validation. Once this address is again valid, you be able to use the link “Forgot your pswd ” (located on our home page, in the top right-hand corner) to recover your access codes to your account.

In addition to the conventional login method, with a username and password, your accounts can be made more secure with two-factor authentication (2FA).
This process is intended to provide users with additional security and thus limit the risk of loss and theft of data.

We offer two methods of two-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance the security of your accounts:

- TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) et
- WebAuthn FIDO2.

Both of these options provide high levels of security for your accounts. TOTP is convenient as it works with standard authentication apps on mobile devices, while WebAuthn ensures optimal security through the use of hardware keys or biometric authentication. You have the flexibility to choose the method that best suits you to secure your online accounts. We encourage you to enable 2FA with one of these options to strengthen the security of your data and ensure a more secure online user experience.

If TOTP two-factor authentication is enabled, in addition to your username and password, a one-time numeric code that is valid for a specific period is also requested when logging in.

This digital code is generated via an application for example on your phone.

So there are several applications for two-factor authentication, but the most common are:

  • Google Authenticator (Android or iOS)
  • Authy (Android or iOS)
  • Authenticator+ (Windows Phone)

The mentioned 2FA applications are from external providers. These examples are provided for illustrative and informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any of the products.

Here is some information on the 2FA implemented on the BookMyName website:

  • The type of 2FA used is a one-time time-based code.
  • Changing an account's standard password does not invalidate the activation of 2FA on the account.
  • using the 2FA code you can activate or deactivate 2FA at any time.
  • If you have lost your phone you must contact our customer service to disable/disable 2FA access.
  • Disabling the 2FA code invalidates the secret associated with this account. A new activation recreates a new secret.
  • The secret of 2FA is displayed during activation, which may allow the same account (company) to be shared between several phones.
  • As the code is single-use, there can only be one connection at a time T with the same code over a period of 60 seconds.

2FA Webauthn FIDO2:

WebAuthn is a more advanced and secure method of two-factor authentication that uses hardware keys or biometric authentication devices.
You can associate your account with a hardware key (such as a YUBICO USB key) or enable biometric authentication (e.g., fingerprint) on compatible devices.
When logging in, you will need to insert the key or use your fingerprint to validate your identity. This method is extremely secure as it eliminates the need to remember an additional code or password.

Any request to our support for the deactivation of two-factor authentication is subject to in-depth verification and you must provide us for an “Individual” type account two identity documents in the name of the account holder, and for an account of “Company” type, a Kbis (Business license) of less than 3 months from the company as well as two identity documents in the name of the manager/president.

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