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General questions

Domain name is a unique alphanumeric name used to identify a computer (Web server or mail server) on the Internet. It is a translation of a digital address in a mnemonic and familiar language.

“Domain Name Registration” is the translation of the status for “Registrar”; this English term originally described the function of a Clerk or a Registrar. For Dom ain Names, it describes organizations chosen by the regulatory authority for Domain Names to register them by complying with certain rules and procedures. The Doma in Name Registrars transmit the requests to the main Registry which manages the whole of the file, and makes sure that a name is not allotted in duplicate, and mana ges the expiry dates. All Domain Name Registrars use the same secured procedures.

We preferably employ the term “Registration”, but also sometimes the term “submission” or “allocation” with the sole aim of avoiding tiresome literal repetitions. The Internet Domain Name System is a large registration directory, arranged hierarchically. When you register a Domain Name, this is allotted to you and it is associated to the computer which you choose, for the period of agreed allocation. You are then the Holder. Contrary to a generally accepted idea, it is not a question of right of ownership, and this resource allocation can be cancelled in certain cases (see Registration Contract and Settlement of Disputes). However, there is a practice of priority of renewal to the benefit of the Holder, so that this resource allocation confers a very strong right of use which explains why Domain Names are the subject of transfers in return for payment as would be the case with an asset in any property, right to the lease or a leasing asset. Certain sites offer you to become owner of your Domain Name: their terminology is inaccurate and one should conclude from it that such sites do not control the rules of the game.

All domains are sold at cost price without any additional commitments on behalf of the applicant. The basic price is that of the annuity. 1 “annuity” = 1 Domain name for one year. The price indicated includes in addition to the domain name registration and its retention, the added value services: - unlimited e-mail redirect ion and URL, - the provision of DNS servers, (two levels, “standard” and “expert), - the unlimited use of the online administration interface of all your domain nam es. You will find the full rate here

To register a Domain Name, you need a valid and reliable e-mail address and a valid debit card. If you change this e-mail address you must inform us immediately.

Once the payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Your registration appears on the database (WHOIS) a few moments after the registration t ransaction. (This delay can be more or less long subject to the conditions of access to the services of the Registers concerned.)

nce the registration has been carried out, you can choose your hosting. The service that we propose includes name hosting. If you know already your web hosting p rovider, you can indicate the names of its two DNS servers on the registration grid. If not, you can leave the fields blank. You will be able to allocate thereaft er new DNS servers via our administration interface. You will also be able to access the added value services suggested by BookMyName (e-mail redirection, as well as your HTML pages, use of DNS of BookMyName…).

Since march 13rd 2017, usage restrictions have been removed. You can now use a .TEL domain name like any other. If you want to keep using telnic hoststing plateform , you need to mail the registry at .

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